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Lungcancer 2012 Invitation to attend

There is no doubt that we experience exciting times, with regard to the management of lung cancer. The production of new knowledge over the last years is so fast that the clinicians often find it difficult to engulf. This is particular true in the area of basic science, where our understanding of carcinogenesis and tumor development has significantly increased, providing the potential of earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments and finally better prognosis of lung cancer patients. Nevertheless the “translation” of our recently acquired knowledge from the lab bench to the bedside is neither smooth and nor without obstructions, due to the existing “gaps” in our understanding and the often contradictory “signals” from clinical trials.

In this educational course we will provide treating physicians with practical information regarding the clinical significance of the histological and molecular profile of the tumor and how its integration in the therapeutic algorithm changes the clinical practice. International faculty members will present the latest clinical data regarding the implementation of targeted therapies on lung cancer. Finally we will set the pavement for the future research and strategies towards the personalized treatment lung cancer patients.

Target Audience

We focus on the multidisciplinary presentation of the new knowledge and each round table of this educational course covers topics from the area of molecular biology, pathology and medical oncology.

Consequently, the targeted audience includes:

  • Medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Thoracic surgeons
  • Chest physicians
  • Molecular biologists
  • Pathologists
  • Industry staff

Educational Objectives

  • Classify patient's tumors according to the histology and the molecular profile
  • Evaluate the clinical significance of existing biomarkers
  • Appraise clinical data on existing targeted therapies throughout the course of the disease
  • Evaluate existing clinical data on new agents in development for lung cancer
  • Summarize current research activity in lung cancer


The Chairs of the meeting:

Kostas Syrigos                                                       Rolf Stahel